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MCS Carpets exclusively offers beautiful Fablon Carpets to the Irish private market. Known for their sophisticated designs, the quality of their material, and ease of maintenance of their fabrics, Fablon carpets were once the domain of interior designers in the United Kingdom, but now they are available to the Irish market. Their exclusive range of genuinely magnificent carpets have designs that hark back to the high glamour days of the 1920s, animal print designs, and more minimalist modern designs. Browse their ever-expanding collection today and place an order directly with MCS Carpets.

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Advantages of Fablon Carpets

Unmatched Quality:
Crafted in Fablon's state-of-the-art facility by skilled artisans, their carpets leverage the latest yarn technology for unparalleled durability and beauty.

Trendsetting Design:
Their California-based design team leads the way, creating innovative styles that set the standard, not follow fleeting trends.

Limitless Colour Options:
Explore a spectrum of vibrant, bold colours. Each collection offers a distinct palette, with many featuring customisable options to match your vision perfectly.

Fablon Carpets

  • How do I make a Fablon Capet inquiry?

    Please fill out our inquiry form at the top of the page.

  • Where can I find the range number?

    Visit the Fablon carpet products page, click into a collection, and underneath each colour option, you’ll find a unique code that includes numbers and letters. Please copy and paste this into the Range Number field on this page.