Stair Makeovers

MCS Carpets takes great pride in delivering unique services that can help our customers completely transform their home. One way we do this is through our custom stair makeovers.

This bespoke carpet service allows you to choose different patterns and colours to create a look that completely unique original, and custom made for you. All deigns are made in house by our fantastic team who have over 30 year of experience. We can turn any carpet into a chic and luxurious stair runner. We can even take multiple carpets and heat seal them together to create whole new look. We heat seal different carpets together which ensures that your custom made carpet will last for years to come.

We design each stair makeover

To complement your colour scheme and style preferences.

Your bespoke stair runner is guaranteed to make bold attempt in your home and is a perfect way to add your own unique touch to a carpet. At MCS Carpets, we love designing these beautiful stair runners and guarantee show stopping results. During your stair makeover consultation we will discuss your design and colour preferences, take you through different carpet sample, and create a completely custom design. We are also happy to explain the manufacturing process and answer any questions you might have about the fitting.

Visit the MCS Carpets showroom in Swords to see previous stair makeover examples, learn more about our products and services, and receive expert, friendly, and customer-focused advice.

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